Full Membership will be open to all public and private universities in Bangladesh. Associate membership will be given to research institutes meeting the eligibility criteria to be set out by the UGC. Overall, there will be two categories of membership:

  1. Full members include all public and private universities, and
  2. Associate members include research institutes, agencies and groups which share an interest in UDL's mission and goals.

Membership agreement

All members must join UDL by signing a Membership Agreement.

Membership fees

Each membership category must pay an annual membership fee to be determined by the CC.  The membership fees will have to be paid each year before the start of an academic year (1 July through 30 June). The funds collected through membership fees will be used to pay for the development of tutorials and promotional materials, impart training and technical support to member institutions, and if available, the costs associated with meetings and committees.

Subscription fees

The CC will calculate the subscription cost for each individual member institution to access the content provided by the UDL. In determining the subscription cost to be borne by an individual member, the CC may consider factors such as the number of institutions interested in a particular content, total number of full-time equivalent student enrolled in the university, number of downloads, etc. The final decision on subscription cost will be determined by the EC. The EC's decision in this regard will be the final and non-negotiable.

Payment of fees

Membership fees and subscription fees will be proposed by the CC. The EC will then discuss and finalize the fees at its annual meeting. For public universities, UGC will pay the subscription costs incurred. The cost, however, will be recovered from the annual budget provided to the university by the UGC. For private universities and associate membership, all payments are required to be made in advance before the start of a financial year. Payments once made will not be returned.

Withdrawal of membership

Any member can withdraw from the UDL at any time. Notice of such intent to withdraw must be submitted to the CC at least six (06) months in advance of membership termination date. UDL may charge additional costs caused by such withdrawal (such as modification of agreements with publishers and others) to the withdrawing member.

Restoration of membership

The CC will determine the eligibility of membership restoration upon receipt of application by a returning member. If any member is withdrawn for the second time, restoration of membership should not be allowed unless the CC/EC decides otherwise.


  1. Membership Form-University
  2. Membership Form-Research/Training Institute
  3. IP Address Update Form